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Our Story

Two friends with big dreams and a love for anything swimwear...

We decided the days of manifesting were over and it was time to make our dream a reality!

We are both passionate about creating swimwear that is simple, yet classic, and can be worn time and time again. This led us to design our swimwear with a neutral palette, with tops that can be worn a multitude of ways and bottoms that can be adjusted to either our signature 'Skimpy' style or for fuller coverage - and so 'The Skimpy Company' was born.

We are also conscious of the environment, and understand the need for 'slow' fashion, rather than keeping up with ever changing trends, so have a keen focus on the quality of the design, so that it can be worn year after year (buy nice not twice!)

Not only this, but, we are on a journey to become as sustainable as possible - currently our hygiene strips and packaging are being made from recycled materials and, as we grow as a business, we aim to become as sustainable and environmentally conscious as possible.

We still have lots to learn, but can't wait to take you on this journey with us and see you all in our designs and hearing your thoughts about our collection.

Lots of love,

May and Francesca xx

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